As a leader in the travel and tourism sector, I would like to extend an invitation for you to join our first cohort of community members in our new Bonailie platform.

I created Bonailie in response to the impact of the global pandemic in 2020, with a vision to shape the future of tourism and drive a positive impact on the world.

Bonailie is a collaborative Global Travel, Tourism and Hospitality platform driving 21st century thinking. We are a hub for positive change, that will unite the industry to collaborate for common purpose, to shape the future of tourism and drive a positive impact on the world.

Our aim for Bonailie is to bring leaders and decision makers across all sectors of the global tourism industry together to collaborate, collectively share experiences and address industry challenges

You will be able to access tools, insights, knowledge, education and best practice case studies to transform businesses and build a more sustainable future and you will be able to join groups to actively participate in global discussions.

As part of our Bonailie Clan Community you will have the following facilities available to you:


Unite, collaborate with global industry leaders, share experiences, address industry challenges and create a groundswell of action that will collectively reshape tourism.


Learn and discover insights through market intelligence reports, weekly webinars and panels on global markets, growth, trends and sustainability updated monthly as well as educational programmes focused on shifting your business into a new era. Each year you will also have access to the One Earth, Unite on Purpose Summit


Have instant access to over 50 pre-recorded Bonailie and One webinars and podcasts with the best minds in the industry discussing the future of business and tourism and how to shift your business to a 21st century approach. We will also have available 90 sessions from the One Earth, Unite on Purpose Summit featuring talks from the United Nations and WTTC.


One Earth is a community of people and businesses uniting for trade and partnerships, from a local community to a virtual society – a connected Earth. It connects an expanding global trading community. It provides opportunities to learn from other entrepreneurs to grow and scale business, to impact industry and create genuine, positive change in the world.

As part of our “Bonailie Clan community” you will also have access to other global industries through the One Earth connect platform and be able to learn how they are navigating these challenging times.

We look forward to you joining a community of like-minded peers, united on purpose and ready to kick start the economy to shift the Tourism world into a new era.

Julie King

Founder & CEO

Julie King

Julie King is an entrepreneur and has accumulated over 34 years of international success, working within and consulting to hundreds of hospitality and tourism organisations across 36 countries. Her experience has ranged from working in luxury hotels in Scotland and Dubai, managing consultancies in Dubai and more than ten years of global tourism advisory and representation based in Australia. Over the years, Julie has developed a holistic view of the most significant areas of growth and change in international tourism through leading more than 200 consultancy projects in 24 countries. In October 2020, Julie announced the launch of her second business, Bonailie. With a huge vision, this global initiative aims to shape the future of tourism by bringing purpose-led industry decision makers together, across all sectors, onto a collaborative platform that will drive 21st century thinking.

Julie King

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